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I, enveloped by the dark gloom, stopped and looked on
to the gloomy, gray building of my White Other
There! By the window she appeared and beckoned me
When I reluctantly came up to the ebony door, she smiled admonishingly.
Her Whiteness made me cringe, and her smile unhinged my calm.
“And so,” I said, “I want to Understand!”
With hesistating slowliness she led me
Feeling my fear of finding the horrendous Book
Still, I thirsted for Knowledge. Never mind my cowardice.
Her warmness left me as we approached the black, bleak steel of a door.
With cold keys, and colder hands I unlocked The Door, and stared at the
unwelcoming maze of corridors.
I plunged into the narrow space, and looked into the empty sockets of the Pharaoh.
How rotten was he! He had little gold on his shoulders. Unloved.
I moved on and caught my breath
On the far end there was a shelf
A shelf which seduced me and repulsed me

Shrouded by the woeful veil, I wandered onward deathly pale.
Wandered till the gloomy building surrounded by gruesome Ginkoes
Materialized amidst my burgeoning conflict o'er Plato and Aristotle.
A sign at the entrance showed “throttle or endure? Shatter your foes...”
And still, I passed through the lifeless, troubled rooms; unoccupied but with bones.
“Madness,” muttered I, “the woes!”
Shrouded by the heedful veil, I wandered onward deathly pale.
Wandered till the sudden beatings—raucous beatings of wings arose.
Stillness shattered. Windows unlatched, unfolding blinds, stumbled
I. The Furious motions! Cabinets tumbled, china fractured, scents drifted to my nose.

Supposed to mimic Edgar Allan Poe's "The Raven"