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So...long time no blogging. Just creeped around different posts. Yay! I love how I was able to order (my dad ordered)DBSK's Break Out! and Best of 2010 album. Ah~ I hope I can get a poster and flail! >.^
So tired these days and I am not even doing anything! I ate the whole bag of kisses, and the second one (which was for sale) distributed for the next two days...so...a lot of calories, and no Physical Training this week either.
I am taking Fencing though, and the teacher is ancient! Its only on Wednesdays. TT.TT
My school will also have hip hop dance class (with a production :groan:) hope it will go well. Break a leg! NO! (I already broke a darned pinky and had to miss tennis season!)
I am going to give a try to some American songs, though I am not holding my breath...all those curses and drug related themes. ugh. Maybe I am just looking in wrong places.
I also went to the military ball. Fun...haven't danced in a while (more like forever.) :O
First time putting make-up on, and I looked Egyptian for some reason...Short dress, and shoes with heels (ow) I tried stilletos on, and almost twisted my foot. $108 BCBG ones. Real nice, but not for me.
Anime and manga have become boring. Well. Not all of them. Skip Beat! is raging, I am calming down when it comes to Bleach or Naruto (Itachi and Ulquiorra were killed, oh! All the hotness vanished!) Ah~ well Ren Tsuruga is going fast and strong (stay that way babe!) Shugo Chara is too childish for my taste now. Mhhmm but won't pass up a chance to see my fave kitty though.
Ugh, I will have to wait so long for my favorite books to come out! Karen Chance's Cassandra Palmer Series #5 comes out next year's summer, and Karen Marie Moning's is this year's December...taking a year! That's so much to wait!!!!! But I am looking forward to Richelle Mead's Succubus Shadows (Oh, Seth) and Chloe Neill's Twice Bitten (Yeah! Ethan)
But of course, fictional men can't beat our real men. Jaejoong looks hot as ever (guh, get rid of that orange-y head!), Changmin in suits <3, haven't seen much of Yunho and can't really judge Xiah since he turned pirate on me. Yoochun ha doko?! (too lazy to get the Japanese keyboard...)
Well there we go. I wrote my heart out. Also, I want to mention I have weird urges to write random poetry. Doesn't matter if its about how bananas are yellow, or how the sins are necessary (JJ you make the our sinful sides come out every freaking time you let that tongue whisk out <3)

PS. HOPE I CAN GO TO THE KOREAN FESTIVAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
PSS. (or wtv) I HOPE OUR TRIP TO JAPANTOWN WILL BE FUN AND PRODUCTIVE (karaoke, karaoke, karaoke!)